Hydrogen Peroxide - Propulsion & Power History

US - General Electric (1944 - 1966)

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General Electric is one of the fathers of liquid rocket engines in the US. Starting from just after WWII they prioneered injectors, turbopumps and variuos other engine components. Hydrogen Peroxide work includes: Project Hermes Turbopump Gas Generators, Hydrogen Peroxide - Polyethylene Hybrids Rockets 250 to 20,000 lbf, XLR50-GE-2 Turbopump Gas Generators, X-405M (Vega Vehicle) Turbopump Gas Generators, Various other 1k-5k lbf Class Bi-Propellant Developement Engines using Hydrogen Peroxide - Pentaborane, Hydrogen Peroxide - JP4, Hydrogen Peroxide - Hydrazine, 16,000 lbf uncolled Plug Nozzle tests and many Hydrogen Peroxide Monopropellant Thrusters in the 5 lbf to 500 lbf Class. Over the life of General Electrics Hydrogen Peroxide Test activities over 1,000,000 lbm of 90% H2O2 were sucessfully and safely used. (Ref 1, 2).

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US Patent Decomp-Hydrogen-Peroxide-1955



1) General Electric Product Liturature, "Liquid Bi-Propellant Rocket Propulsion Experience and Capabilities", Malta Test Operations, Malta, NY, Circa 1960


2) Sutton, George P., History of Liquid Propellant Rocket Engines, 2006 Edition, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Reston, Virginia


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